App for iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices

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From wherever you are, monitoring and controlling your storage is right at your fingertips. Our app for both the Imperium and the Centurion Storage Control Panels provides state-of-the-art control of the best storage control panels on the market. You will love the convenience this app offers. We developed the app to take advantage of the latest and best technology available. This free app download makes it easy to put this app to work for you today.

“Being able to communicate and control my IVI
Centurion ventilation systems from my iPhone or iPad
is so easy and convenient. The iCenturion app has made
a big difference in how I manage my storages. I have
peace of mind knowing I can check my systems and
make adjustments as needed, no matter where I’m at.”

RJ Andrus, Sr Field Mgr, Idahoan Foods,
Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA

















“We can quickly view current conditions and history, and
easily make adjustments to any settings in just a few
seconds. My iPad duplicates the panel screen in the cellar,
and has the same control remotely as we do on site. 
My managers like the ability to view current conditions at
any time, as well as the alert feature that contacts them
by phone if any operating problems arise.”

Daniel Moss, Ceo, Moss Farms-Arrowhead Potato, Rupert, Idaho, USA