Centurion Produce Storage Control Panel

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The Centurion is a stand alone-control unit that easily and precisely manages storage climates by controlling fans, evaporative coolers, heaters, refrigeration, humidification, Co2, and fresh air Thermadoors®. Even in the most unfavorable external conditions, the Centurion can maintain temperatures within 0.1°F. The Centurion features:

  • Fast, easy, pop-up controls
  • LCD Color touchscreen for easy operation
  • Remote monitoring and management via free web access
  • App for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Emergency alerts via telephone

Using the LCD color touchscreen, users can easily view the current status of equipment operation, and monitor and adjust system parameters. Navigation from screen to screen is quick and simple.


On-site history reports can log up to 37 different data points, with adjustable increments. Trend temperature graphs and event/failure log add to the extensive record keeping.


Your crop is protected by temperature alarms, equipment safeties, and power disturbances. Isolation relays guard against spikes and surges reaching the computer board.

Quality Control with Quality Build:

Our Centurion Storage Control Panel is built at the IVI headquarters, constructed each step
of the way by our IVI team members. Each panel must pass our stp-by-step scrutiny,
all under one roof.

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