Storage Crop Protection

IVI offers the products to supplement and enhance your crop’s complete storage protection. We know there’s a lot at stake in protecting your post-harvest crops until they reach the end consumer. Put your trust in IVI’s expertise—we’re one of the largest suppliers in crop protection products.

We factor in all variables in order to make the best recommendation of product type and application, customized for your specific needs.

Sprout Inhibitor

CIPC Aerosol Sprout Inhibitor

In the potato industry, CIPC (Chlorpropham) applied by thermal fogging system in aerosol form is the standard for inhibiting sprouts. S…
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Sprout Torch® (Clove Oil)

Clove oil, the active ingredient in Sprout Torch®, is a natural compound that burns peeps and sprouts at the surface of the potato.  It…
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Dormancy Enhancer


Pressure bruise, shrink and sprout control are quality issues that storage managers face every year. Incorporating 1,4SIGHT® into your…
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For superior seed management, look to 1,4SEED®. It helps manage seed vigor, sprouting and stem number in all common varieties of seed p…
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Shipping Prep

Spud Guard® 2EC

Spud Guard® 2EC is an emulsified CIPC spray that prepares potatoes for shipment. The solution is injected right into the water flow of…
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Deliver better potatoes to your customer with 1,4SHIP®. This ready-to-use, aerosol-dormancy enhancer treats fresh potatoes after packin…
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Ozone System

Industrial Ventilation has teamed up with O3 Solutions to incorporate the latest, most reliable, and highly-efficient, integrated ozone…
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Tsunami is formulated to achieve a reduction of microorganisms, and is used in wash water in packing sheds and in humidified air in pot…
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Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide is a broad-spectrum biocide that is effective in controlling late blight and other diseases on potatoes in storage. Ch…
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Bio-Save® is an EPA registered, US-patented, certified-organic, post-harvest, biological-decay-control agent. Bio-Save® is labeled for…
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Jet-Oxide is a peroxyacetic acid (PAA), certified organic, post-harvest sanitizer and industrial disinfectant. It’s an excellent post-h…
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Jet-Ag is a broad-spectrum, peroxyacetic acid (PAA), certified organic, agricultural sanitizer registered as a fungicide, bactericide,…
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